Frenchie Breeder

We are a small loving breeder that has French Bulldogs as loving pets not just to breed. We don’t put breeding first, we put our dogs first. Our dogs are family not just pets and our puppies are raised the same way. Our puppies grow with lots of love and playing with children and other pets. We offer high quality care for our FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES. Many of our French Bulldogs have champion bloodlines.

We breed to provide the highest breed standard. We are State licensed dog breeders. We are Vet inspected and have been approved for perfect conditions. Our “girls and boys”, as well as the puppies are AKC registered.

Our puppies are not toys…they are for life!! If for any reason you can’t keep the dog, we require you to bring them back to their first home, us.

Lillytoby Frenchies has the right to Refuse any sale, anytime.

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