About Us

The story of Lilly/Toby Frenchies

I consider myself a new breeder.  I was lucky enough to have my first French bulldog Bella 5yrs ago.  She was a very special girl in our lives.  I have always had dogs but she was just an extra special girl.  She brought so much joy to our lives.  She was stubborn, gassy, high energy, and sweet girl that filled our hearts with love.  Bella was only 1yr old when we found out she had encephalitis and meningitis probably due to horrible breeding conditions.  We did everything we could for her, she was having chemo treatments to help treat the condition but she was never the same fun and crazy girl.  When she was almost 2yrs old she developed more and more problem due to her condition, it was then that our 2 young girls told mom and dad it was time to let her have peace, she was just suffering now.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do in my life, I had put animals to sleep before but she was only 2yrs old!

After that we got Toby he is our male then we got Lilly she is our oldest female and then we got Minnie… Breeding is a new phase of my life, I am a registered Veterinary technician with 10yr experience.  I have always wanted to breed and I have decided it is the right time in my life. I have educated myself on dog breeding, learned a lot from other professionals and intend on making it my #1 priority.  I love my dogs and have grown up with dogs all my life.  They are just like my kids.  I intend to breed with health as the most important concern.

The reasons I want to breed Frenchies are irresistibly apparent.  They will make you laugh with their captivating personalities.  They are charming, clever dogs with a sense of humor and a stubborn streak that will drive you crazy but also make you fall in love. Bred for centuries as a companion, they are very fond of people, and become very attached to their family, sometimes too attached.  They love strangers even if strangers don’t always like them, they think everyone comes over to see them.  They may also love and want to play with the family cat even when the cat doesn’t want to play. They will snore, snort and release some dramatic sounds that emanate from their small body. Frenchies jump on and off the furniture and have “Zoomies” throughout the house.  They are gassy little monsters the will clear a room.  They thrive best with someone home most of the day, they don’t like to be alone for long periods.  Once you are lucky enough to find the love of a Frenchie, you can never have just one…they are like potato chips.